Rules and Regulations


1. Fees are payable in advance of the start of term and no concession can be given for classes missed due to illness or holiday.

(A 10% charge will be added for payments made 3 weeks after due date)


2. If a student decides to leave part way through a term fees are non-refundable.


3. If a student is asked to leave the school (i.e. for disruptive behaviour) by the Principal fees will be refunded.


4. Half a terms notice should be given if a student wishes to leave the school.


5. Please inform the principal and your teacher of any period you may not be able to attend classes (i.e. holidays).


6. Uniforms (where stated) and the correct footwear must be worn at all times.


7. Hair, for all dance classes must be worn appropriately i.e. in a bun for ballet, ponytail for tap and modern.


8. Teachers can only be responsible for children whilst they are in the dance studio.